Liquid barley–something to stick to my ribs.
I’m heading out, god forbid,
passing smoke signals to the wasted kids.

Spinning dusty circles in worn-out cars,
window shopping at Karl’s bar.
How long has the sky been full of stars?

Have the clouds always looked so young?
Why do we have to use my tongue?

Dig for veins and scrounge for papers.
You see me now. I’ll need you later.
My favorite love is cherry flavor.

Shirtless, helpless, needless, tired,
splintered posts and full barbed wire.
My palm warm over the late-night fire.

Have there always been hills, and fields, and rain?
When will the gods be back again?

Thunder clouds and river’s flood.
My face held down in the mud.
What happened to my missing blood?

I’m gone…

Written by Matt Bobbitt and Daniel Guzman
Produced by Daniel Guzman & Matt Bobbitt
Published by Tangent Recording & Publishing
Recorded at Suite 217, Suite 218
Vocals: Mari Gisele
Guitar: Matt Bobbitt
Percussion: Matt Bobbitt & Daniel Guzman