get fucked up
to get fucked
you know the drill
repeat a thousand times
say hi
and get high
hug and handshake
and hi again
burn your face
burn your nose
burn your ears
burn your tongue
beauty blurred by libation
fleeting youth focuses narrowly
from so much to choose from
wave from across the room
hope the lights are dark enough
shout or whisper
it doesn’t matter
let the smoke hang in the air
wiggle or watch, just don’t care
the squares and rounds sometimes align
all this done by closing time
Lyrics by Matt Bobbitt and Daniel Guzman
Melody by Sager Small
Produced by Daniel Guzman & Matt Bobbitt
Published by Tangent Recording & Publishing
Recorded at Suite 217, Suite 218
Vocals: Mari Gisele
Guitar, Bass: Sager Small
Drums: Justin Guzman