I don’t wanna be up. I don’t wanna be down.
Say I don’t wanna be up, but I can’t stand bein’ down.
Jus’ gotta get outta bed and start gettin’ ‘round.


Pour some wine in my coffee. Wake me up for the night.
Pour that wine in my coffee, get me started for the night.
Just ‘cause it’s true don’t make it right.


Maybe I’ll get down there and track down that good lookin’ girl.
Stumble in and find that slinky little girl…
…drag her out on the dance floor, and give ‘er a whirl.


Find us some entertainment. Maybe catch some theater.
We’ll get some entertainment, maybe catch some theater,
if I have’ta pick a fight at The Rochester!


Lyrics by Matt Bobbitt
Melody by Sager Small
Produced by Daniel Guzman & Matt Bobbitt
Published by Tangent Recording & Publishing
Recorded at Suite 217, Suite 218
Vocals: Nick Spencer
Guitar: Sager Small
Drums: RJ Baker