Show up all pretty, down at the public house.
Two jerks try to pick me up. One just stares down my blouse.
I waited for this guy way too long,
when he does show up, he’s already soused.

First thing this joker says, his abs are made of steel,
expectin’ me to lose my skirt when I get a feel.
Now I ain’t hangin’ ‘round these parts for the brains
…sometimes you just gotta deal…

Waitin’ for the sun to rise so I can find my dress,
don’t think I’d come here if I’d known it’d be this mess.
Not sure I’m one to talk, anyhow,
when I tell my friends to love without regrets.

Love, this wasn’t, (at least I hope so).
Can’t remember when it was good, it’s been so long ago.
Still, what else can I do but keep livin’,
sip on this glass of bordeaux

Now I’ve been goin’ out too much, I think you’d agree,
been drinkin’ way too many drinks (but I’ll take that whiskey),
but I’m startin’ to wonder just exactly when
I’ll find a guy that isn’t absentee.

Now I can pitch a fit like no one would believe,
but it won’t do me any good. No one cares ‘bout me,
sitting’ here with swollen eyes and broken heels
just waitin’ ’til it’s time to leave.

Lyrics by Matt Bobbitt and Mari Gisele
Melody by Sager Small
Produced by Daniel Guzman & Matt Bobbitt
Published by Tangent Recording & Publishing
Recorded at Suite 217, Suite 218
Vocals: Mari Gisele
Guitar, Bass: Sager Small
Drums: Justin Guzman